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Kube-OVN, a CNCF Sandbox Project, bridges the SDN into Cloud Native. It offers an advanced Container Network Fabric for Enterprises with the most functions, extreme performance and the easiest operation.

Most Functions:

If you miss the rich networking capabilities of the SDN age but are struggling to find them in the cloud-native age, Kube-OVN should be your best choice.

Leveraging the proven capabilities of OVS/OVN in the SDN, Kube-OVN brings the rich capabilities of network virtualization to the cloud-native space. It currently supports Subnet Management, Static IP Allocation, Distributed/Centralized Gateways, Underlay/Overlay Hybrid Networks, VPC Multi-Tenant Networks, Cross-Cluster Interconnect, QoS Management, Multi-NIC Management, ACL, Traffic Mirroring, ARM Support, Windows Support, and many more.

Extreme Performance:

If you're concerned about the additional performance loss associated with container networks, then take a look at How Kube-OVN is doing everything it can to optimize performance.

In the data plane, through a series of carefully optimized flow and kernel optimizations, and with emerging technologies such as eBPF, DPDK and SmartNIC Offload, Kube-OVN can approximate or exceed host network performance in terms of latency and throughput.

In the control plane, Kube-OVN can support large-scale clusters of thousands of nodes and tens of thousands of Pods through the tailoring of OVN upstream flow tables and the use and tuning of various caching techniques.

In addition, Kube-OVN is continuously optimizing the usage of resources such as CPU and memory to accommodate resource-limited scenarios such as the edge.

Easiest Operation:

If you're worried about container network operations, Kube-OVN has a number of built-in tools to help you simplify your operations.

Kube-OVN provides one-click installation scripts to help users quickly build production-ready container networks. Also built-in rich monitoring metrics and Grafana dashboard help users to quickly set up monitoring system.

Powerful command line tools simplify daily operations and maintenance for users. By combining with Cilium, users can enhance the observability of their networks with eBPF capabilities. In addition, the ability to mirror traffic makes it easy to customize traffic monitoring and interface with traditional NPM systems.

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