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When using SR-IOV or DPDK type networks, KubeVirt's built-in DHCP does not work in this network mode. Kube-OVN can use the DHCP capabilities of OVN to set DHCP options at the subnet level to help KubeVirt VMs of these network types to properly use DHCP to obtain assigned IP addresses. Kube-OVN supports both DHCPv4 and DHCPv6.

The subnet DHCP is configured as follows:

kind: Subnet
  name: sn-dual
  cidrBlock: ",240e::a00/120"
  default: false
  disableGatewayCheck: true
  disableInterConnection: false
    - 240e::a01
  gatewayNode: ''
  gatewayType: distributed
  natOutgoing: false
  private: false
  protocol: Dual
  provider: ovn
  vpc: vpc-test
  enableDHCP: true
  dhcpV4Options: "lease_time=3600,router=,server_id=,server_mac=00:00:00:2E:2F:B8"
  dhcpV6Options: "server_id=00:00:00:2E:2F:C5"
  enableIPv6RA: true
  ipv6RAConfigs: "address_mode=dhcpv6_stateful,max_interval=30,min_interval=5,send_periodic=true"
  • enableDHCP: Whether to enable the DHCP function for the subnet.
  • dhcpV4Options,dhcpV6Options: This field directly exposes DHCP-related options within ovn-nb, please reade DHCP Options for more detail. The default value is "lease_time=3600, router=$ipv4_gateway, server_id=, server_mac=$random_mac" and server_id=$random_mac
  • enableIPv6RA: Whether to enable the route broadcast function of DHCPv6.
  • ipv6RAConfigs:This field directly exposes DHCP-related options within ovn-nb Logical_Router_Port, please read Logical Router Port for more detail. The default value is address_mode=dhcpv6_stateful, max_interval=30, min_interval=5, send_periodic=true

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