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Compile FastPath Module

After a data plane performance profile, netfilter consumes about 20% of CPU resources for related processing within the container and on the host. The FastPath module can bypass netfilter to reduce CPU consumption and latency, and increase throughput. This document will describe how to compile the FastPath module manually.

git clone --depth=1

Install Dependencies

Here is an example of CentOS dependencies to download:

yum install -y kernel-devel-$(uname -r) gcc elfutils-libelf-devel

Compile the Module

For the 3.x kernel:

cd kube-ovn/fastpath
make all

For the 4.x kernel:

cd kube-ovn/fastpath/4.18
cp ../Makefile .
make all

Instal the Kernel Module

Copy kube_ovn_fastpath.ko to each node that needs performance optimization, and run the following command:

insmod kube_ovn_fastpath.ko

Use dmesg to confirm successful installation:

# dmesg
[619631.323788] init_module,kube_ovn_fastpath_local_out
[619631.323798] init_module,kube_ovn_fastpath_post_routing
[619631.323800] init_module,kube_ovn_fastpath_pre_routing
[619631.323801] init_module,kube_ovn_fastpath_local_in

To uninstall a module, use the following command.

rmmod kube_ovn_fastpath.ko

This module will not be loaded automatically after machine reboot. If you want to load it automatically, please write the corresponding autostart script according to the system configuration.

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