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Configure IPPool

IPPool is a more granular IPAM management unit than Subnet. You can subdivide the subnet segment into multiple units through IPPool, and each unit is bound to one or more namespaces.


Below is an example:

kind: IPPool
  name: pool-1
  subnet: ovn-default
  - ""
  - ""
  - ""
  - ns-1

Field description:

Field Usage Comment
subnet Specify the subnet to which it belongs Required
ips Specify IP ranges Support three formats: , and ... Support IPv6.
namespaces Specifies the bound namespaces Optional


  1. To ensure compatibility with Workload Universal IP Pool Fixed Address, the name of the IP pool cannot be an IP address;
  2. The .spec.ips of the IP pool can specify an IP address beyond the scope of the subnet, but the actual effective IP address is the intersection of .spec.ips and the CIDR of the subnet;
  3. Different IP pools of the same subnet cannot contain the same (effective) IP address;
  4. The .spec.ips of the IP pool can be modified dynamically;
  5. The IP pool will inherit the reserved IP of the subnet. When randomly assigning an IP address from the IP pool, the reserved IP included in the IP pool will be skipped;
  6. When randomly assigning an IP address from a subnet, it will only be assigned from a range other than all IP pools in the subnet.

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