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Monitor and Dashboard

Kube-OVN can export network control plane information and network data plane quality information metrics to the external in formats supported by Prometheus.

We use the CRD provided by kube-prometheus to define the corresponding Prometheus monitoring rules. For all monitoring metrics supported by Kube-OVN, please refer to Kube-OVN Monitoring Metrics.

If you are using native Prometheus, please refer to Configuring Native Prometheus for configuration.

Install Prometheus Monitor

Kube-OVN uses Prometheus Monitor CRD to manage the monitoring output.

# network quality related monitoring metrics
kubectl apply -f
# kube-ovn-controller metrics
kubectl apply -f
# kube-ovn-cni metrics
kubectl apply -f
# ovn metrics
kubectl apply -f

The default interval for Prometheus pull is 15s, if you need to adjust it, modify the interval value in yaml.

Import Grafana Dashboard

Kube-OVN provides a predefined Grafana Dashboard to display control plane and data plane related metrics.

Download the corresponding Dashboard template:

# network quality related monitoring dashboard
# kube-ovn-controller dashboard
# kube-ovn-cni dashboard
# ovn dashboard
# ovs dashboard

Import these templates into Grafana and set the data source to the corresponding Prometheus to see the following Dashboards.

kube-ovn-controller dashboard:


kube-ovn-pinger dashboard:


kube-ovn-cni dashboard:


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