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Feature Stage

In Kube-OVN, feature stage is classified into Alpha, Beta and GA, based on the degree of feature usage, documentation and test coverage.

Definition of Stage

For Alpha stage functions:

  • The feature is not fully documented and well tested.
  • This feature may change or even be removed in the future.
  • This feature API is not guaranteed to be stable and may be removed.
  • Community provides low priority support for this feature and long-term support cannot be guaranteed.
  • Since feature stability and long-term support cannot be guaranteed, it can be tested and verified, but is not recommended for production use.

For Beta stage functions:

  • This feature is partially documented and tested, but complete coverage is not guaranteed.
  • This feature may change in the future and the upgrade may affect the network, but it will not be removed as a whole.
  • This feature API may change in the future and the fields may be adjusted, but not removed as a whole.
  • This feature will be supported by the community in the long term.
  • It can be used on non-critical services as the functionality will be supported for a long time, but it is not recommended for critical production service as there is a possibility of changes in functionality and APIs that may break the network.

For GA stage functions:

  • The feature has full documentation and test coverage.
  • The feature will remain stable and upgrades will be guaranteed to be smooth.
  • This feature API is not subject to disruptive changes.
  • This feature will be supported with high priority by the community and long-term support will be guaranteed.

Feature Stage List

This list records the feature stages from the 1.8 release.

Feature Default Stage Since Until
Namespaced Subnet true GA 1.8
Distributed Gateway true GA 1.8
Active-backup Centralized Gateway true GA 1.8
ECMP Centralized Gateway false Beta 1.8
Subnet ACL true Alpha 1.9
Subnet Isolation (Will be replaced by ACL later) true Beta 1.8
Underlay Subnet true GA 1.8
Multiple Pod Interface true Beta 1.8
Subnet DHCP false Alpha 1.10
Subnet with External Gateway false Alpha 1.8
Cluster Inter-Connection with OVN-IC false Beta 1.8
Cluster Inter-Connection with Submariner false Alpha 1.9
VIP Reservation true Alpha 1.10
Create Custom VPC true Beta 1.8
Custom VPC Floating IP/SNAT/DNAT true Alpha 1.10
Custom VPC Static Route true Alpha 1.10
Custom VPC Policy Route true Alpha 1.10
Custom VPC Security Group true Alpha 1.10
Container Bandwidth QoS true GA 1.8
linux-netem QoS true Alpha 1.9
Prometheus Integration false GA 1.8
Grafana Integration false GA 1.8
IPv4/v6 DualStack false GA 1.8
Default VPC EIP/SNAT false Beta 1.8
Traffic Mirroring false GA 1.8
NetworkPolicy true Beta 1.8
Webhook false Alpha 1.10
Performance Tunning false Beta 1.8
Interconnection with Routes in Overlay Mode false Alpha 1.8
BGP Support false Alpha 1.9
Cilium Integration false Alpha 1.10
Custom VPC Peering false Alpha 1.10
Mellanox Offload false Alpha 1.8
Corigine Offload false Alpha 1.10
Windows Support false Alpha 1.10
DPDK Support false Alpha 1.10
OpenStack Integration false Alpha 1.9
Single Pod Fixed IP/Mac true GA 1.8
Workload with Fixed IP true GA 1.8
StatefulSet with Fixed IP true GA 1.8
VM with Fixed IP false Beta 1.9
Load Balancer Type Service in Default VPC false Alpha 1.11
Load Balance in Custom VPC false Alpha 1.11
DNS in Custom VPC false Alpha 1.11
Underlay and Overlay Interconnection false Alpha 1.11

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