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Kube-OVN-Pinger args Reference

Based on the Kube-OVN v1.12.0 version, We have compiled the parameters supported by Kube-ovn-pinger, and listed the value types, meanings, and default values of each field defined by the parameters for reference

Args Describeption

Arg Name Type Description Default Value
port Int metrics port 8080
kubeconfig String Path to kubeconfig file with authorization and master location information. If not set use the inCluster token. ""
ds-namespace String kube-ovn-pinger daemonset namespace "kube-system"
ds-name String kube-ovn-pinger daemonset name "kube-ovn-pinger"
interval Int interval seconds between consecutive pings 5
mode String server or job Mode "server"
exit-code Int exit code when failure happens 0
internal-dns String check dns from pod "kubernetes.default"
external-dns String check external dns resolve from pod ""
external-address String check ping connection to an external address ""
network-mode String The cni plugin current cluster used "kube-ovn"
enable-metrics Bool Whether to support metrics query true
ovs.timeout Int Timeout on JSON-RPC requests to OVS. 2 String OVS default run directory. "/var/run/openvswitch" String The name of OVS db. "Open_vSwitch"
database.vswitch.socket.remote String JSON-RPC unix socket to OVS db. "unix:/var/run/openvswitch/db.sock" String OVS db file. "/etc/openvswitch/conf.db"
database.vswitch.file.log.path String OVS db log file. "/var/log/openvswitch/ovsdb-server.log" String OVS db process id file. "/var/run/openvswitch/" String OVS system id file. "/etc/openvswitch/system-id.conf"
service.vswitchd.file.log.path String OVS vswitchd daemon log file. "/var/log/openvswitch/ovs-vswitchd.log" String OVS vswitchd daemon process id file. "/var/run/openvswitch/"
service.ovncontroller.file.log.path String OVN controller daemon log file. "/var/log/ovn/ovn-controller.log" String OVN controller daemon process id file. "/var/run/ovn/"

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