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OVS/OVN Customization

Upstream OVN/OVS was originally designed with the goal of a general purpose SDN controller and data plane. Due to some specific usage of the Kubernetes network,Kube-OVN only focused on part of the features. In order to achieve better performance, stability and specific features, Kube-OVN has made some modifications to the upstream OVN/OVS. Users using their own OVN/OVS with Kube-OVN controllers need to be aware of the possible impact of the following changes:

Did not merge into the upstream modification.

  • 38df6fa3f7 Adjust the election timer to avoid large-scale cluster election jitter.
  • d4888c4e75 add fdb update logging.
  • d4888c4e75 fdb: fix mac learning in environments with hairpin enabled.
  • 9a81b91368 ovsdb-tool: add optional server id parameter for "join-cluster" command.
  • 0700cb90f9 Destination non-service traffic bypasses conntrack to improve performance on a particular data path.
  • c48049a64f ECMP algorithm is adjusted from dp_hash to hash to avoid the hash error problem in some kernels.
  • 64383c14a9 Fix kernel Crash issue under Windows.
  • 08a95db2ca Support for github action builds on Windows.
  • 680e77a190 Windows uses tcp listening by default.
  • 05e57b3227 add support for windows.
  • 0181b68be1 br-int controller: listen on by default.
  • b3801ecb73 modify src route priority.
  • 977e569539 fix reaching resubmit limit in underlay.
  • 45a4a22161 ovn-nbctl: do not remove LB if vips is empty.
  • 540592b9ff Replaces the Mac address as the destination address after DNAT to reduce additional performance overhead.
  • 10972d9632 Fix vswitchd ofport_usage memory leak.

Merged into upstream modification:

  • 20626ea909 Multicast traffic bypasses LB and ACL processing stages to improve specific data path performance.
  • a2d9ff3ccd Deb build adds compile optimization options.

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