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Kube-OVN RoadMap

This document defines high level goals for Kube-OVN project. We welcome community contributors to discuss and update this Roadmap through Issues.

Network Datapath

Kube-OVN currently supports two network modes, Overlay and Underlay. We hope to improve the stability, performance, and compatibility with the ecosystem of these two network modes in Kubernetes.

  • Improved Datapath network performance
  • Keeping up with the latest network API features in the community
  • Enhanced network monitoring and visualization capabilities
  • Addition of automated test cases for various scenarios

VPC Network

VPC network is a key feature of Kube-OVN, many functions have been used in production environment, and we hope to increase the maturity of these functions and improve the user experiences.

  • Standardize multiple gateway solutions and provide the best egress practice
  • Provide more VPC internal basic network capabilities and solutions, such as DNS, DHCP, LoadBalancer, etc.
  • Simplify VPC operation complexity and provide a more comprehensive CLI
  • Supplement automated test cases for various scenarios

User Experience

Improve the user experience of Kubernetes cni, making container networking simpler, more reliable, and efficient.

  • Helm/Operator to automate daily operations
  • More organized metrics and grafana dashboard
  • Troubleshooting tools that can automatically find known issues
  • Integrated with other projects like kubeaz, kubekey, sealos etc.

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