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If you need to remove the Kube-OVN and replace it with another network plugin, please follow the steps below to remove all the corresponding Kube-OVN component and OVS configuration to avoid interference with other network plugins.

Feel free to contact us with an Issue to give us feedback on why you don't use Kube-OVN to help us improve it.

Delete Resource in Kubernetes

Download and run the script below to delete resource created in Kubernetes:


Cleanup Config and Logs on Every Node

Run the following commands on each node to clean up the configuration retained by ovsdb and openvswitch:

rm -rf /var/run/openvswitch
rm -rf /var/run/ovn
rm -rf /etc/origin/openvswitch/
rm -rf /etc/origin/ovn/
rm -rf /etc/cni/net.d/00-kube-ovn.conflist
rm -rf /etc/cni/net.d/01-kube-ovn.conflist
rm -rf /var/log/openvswitch
rm -rf /var/log/ovn
rm -fr /var/log/kube-ovn

Reboot Node

Reboot the machine to ensure that the corresponding NIC information and iptable/ipset rules are cleared to avoid the interference with other network plugins:


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